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6 February 2019: An excellent interview with James Alan (Jez Prichatt) about Girls At Our Best! on the C86 Show. C86 Show Podcast.

8 November 2018: GAOB! fans may want to watch Helen McCookerybook's documentary STORIES FROM THE SHE PUNKS.

8 September 2017: added some newly discovered gigs.

Girls At Our Best!

Left to Right: Gerard Swift ● James Alan ● Judy Evans ● D. Carl Harper

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Possibly the finest early eighties band never to have a chart single and they split up before having any real success.

Their first single was the standard post-punk of the era, but even that had some nice twists like the powering out of Warm Girls with a riff that most bands would kill for, so good in fact that it would resurface on Fast Boyfriends.

After that there was no looking back as indie chart toppers Politics and Go For Gold brought them to the attention of Smash Hits! Then just when you thought you'd managed to put a finger on their sound they released Pleasure, an album so different from the rest of the indie charts that you can still play it now and completely baffle new listeners. As John Peel said about Roxy Music, it just doesn't seem to relate to anything else.

I stayed behind after school to see them play at Portsmouth Polytechnic. Things didn't go quite according to plan mainly because I had no fake id so couldn't get into the student union ents hall, but I did manage to hear the whole gig and met them all afterwards in their dressing room.

If Judy has the letter I wrote to her, I hope she's lost it!

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