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Girls Gigs

This is a list of Girls At Our Best! gigs compiled from various sources. If I've missed one let me know.

Date Venue Headline Other bands
Wednesday, November 19th 1980 * Conamnche Student Union, Manchester Yes  
Friday, March 13th 1981 Vanbrugh College, University of York Yes Ludus/Dislocation Dance
Wednesday, April 22nd 1981 London, Dingwalls Yes  
Wednesday, April 29th, 1981 London, Bridge House Yes  
Sunday, May 3rd, 1981 London, Africa Centre Yes Artery/The Apocalypse
Tuesday May 5th 1981 London, City of London Poly Yes Monsters
Thursday, October 8th 1981 Sheffield Limit Club Yes  
Thursday, October 15th 1981 Portsmouth Polytechnic Yes  
Saturday, October 17th 1981 London School of Economics Yes Dislocation Dance
Saturday, October 31st 1981 Strathclyde University Yes  
Monday, 2nd November 1981 Edinburgh University Yes  
(Late) 1981 Peppermint, New York    

* Not sure about this as the Vanbrugh College gig was advertised as their debut but it is listed in the Post-Punk Diary